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It's a White County Christmas
.. a celebration honoring the small town traditions of the holiday season.
Relive the past on Carriage Rides
Discover the magic of Christmas
in Carmi
Horse & Carriage Rides will leave from the steps of the historic "Williams" home
at the intersection of
Main & Main Cross Streets.
Festival Notes
Rides will be available from
4-10 PM Friday, Nov. 25 & from 11 AM - 6 PM Saturday, Nov. 26.

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NEW IN 2011
We're restricting traffic Main Street so everyone can enjoy the expanded
Holiday Christmas Parade while we welcome Santa to Carmi.

NEW IN 2011
All your favorite holiday movie characters will come alive in this year's
Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.
Appleblossom Carriages out of Poseyville will provide rides throughout the weekend of Nov. 25 & 26. Riders will enjoy a quiet ride past Carmi's beautiful historic homes and buildings.

Cost of the rides will be announced in local news media.
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The Carmi Chamber of Commerce is in the business of making smiles.

People want to live in a thriving community. Happiness is contagious. Events such as “It's a White County Christmas”show our commitment to building a happy, thriving, prosperous community.
We hope you'll join us
Make Memories to Last a Lifetime!
Little Miss & Mister Christmas ride through the parade in a carriage provided by Hal & Debbie Bryant of Bryant Miniatures of Norris City.
sponsored in part by